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73% Inspired Occasions - Event Planning and Design - 403-620-1105, Calgary
Inspired Occasions is a wedding planning and design company that caters to clients seeking pers...
72% Creative Weddings Planning & Decor - 888-790-6986, Calgary
71% Urban Vogue Weddings and Events - 403-890-5370, Calgary
71% Boutiq Weddings & Events - 403-519-7731, Calgary
71% Shannon Valente Weddings - 403-554-1077, Calgary
71% Tying the Knot - Wedding Planners - 403-473-0349, Calgary
71% Weddings By Laura - 403-901-7377, Calgary
70% Ambaay - 403-397-4298, Calgary
70% Unforgettable Occasions by Krista Inc. - 403-888-3185, Airdrie
70% Avant-Garde Wedding Planning - 403-701-8780, Calgary
69% Magical Moments Event Planning & Design - 403-685-7694, Calgary
68% Belle Events - 403-808-5362, Calgary

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29% Wedding Prep School? (Calgary)
Planning their Wedding like a Pro! Hiring a wedding planner is always a great idea. It makes your wedding planning and your wedding day flow all the more easier. But, what if you cant afford the extra expense and are trying to do most, if not all, the ... [read.. ]
24% Bridal Hair Tip: Have a pre-Wedding Trial
Marcy Panei, from Bella Bridal Hair, in Calgary has sent us this great, real life wedding anecdote and her resulting advice for all of you: Avoiding hair disaster! Having a trial up do run is one of the best investments you can make in all of your wedd... [read.. ]
24% Secret Wedding Locations, Calgary: Cochrane Ranchehouse
We all want our wedding day to be special and original. Finding a wonderful location that not many people have heard of is the perfect way to make your wedding memorable and different than all the rest. We recently spoke with wedding planner Amira Harr... [read.. ]
23% Wedding Invitations 101 | Styles, Part 3: The Environmentalist
If youre one of the growing number of Canadian brides who wants to make environmentally-friendly choices for your wedding, invitations are a good place to start. But before you begin addressing dried paper towels with a mud-based ink pen, why not take ... [read.. ]
23% Wedding Planning 101: Do You Have Bride Brain?
Shannon Valente | Frit Fru Weddings, Calgary Bride Brain is a phenomenon that affects almost all brides at one time or another. It is a condition that can strike at any moment, for some it is at the beginning of the planning process when the mind is bo... [read.. ]
22% Real Weddings: A Leap of Faith
Romance was the furthest thing from Fred Mattas mind when planning a a vacation to visit cousins in Calgary in July 2003. I didnt expect that three years later Id be married and living in Vancouver, he says. An Australian working in England Fred saw th... [read.. ]
20% Wedding Flowers 101: A New Bride Introduction
photo: Hamid Attie Wedding Photography, Vancouver Wedding Ceremony Flowers 101 Why? For one thing, because bringing flowers to your ceremony allows you to decorate the space with colour and fragrance without having to add a lot of design elements. Care... [read.. ]
20% Bridal Shower 101
photo: Princess House Registries (Calgary) A bridal shower is, of course, an event held for the bride where invited guests shower her with useful household items, so that she and her future husband can get started on their new life together without hav... [read.. ]

Inspired Occasions - Event Planning and Design | Calgary

Inspired Occasions - Event Planning and Design, Calgary

Inspired Occasions is a wedding planning and design company that caters to clients seeking personalized attention and customized details that will transform their wedding into an unforgettable ex...

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