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Winners: Our Very Best Wedding Photos of 2015

Posted At : March 16, 2016 2:00 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 14,447
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It's always exciting to see the incredible talent of Canada's photographers and 2015 has been no exception! Thank you to everyone who participated in voting on Facebook and congratulations to all of this year's finalists! We are highlighting the Top 12 Best Wedding Photos of 2015 and hope you love these amazing photographs as much as we do!

bride and groom overlooking mountain lake canyon

The winning photo! "Mountain Embrace", Rebekah and Carson, photographed by Luke Liable, of Luke Liable Photography, in Vancouver, BC. Special mention to Luke, who also photographed the Best Engagement Photo of 2015! This is the first time in the history of our contest (which launched in 2009), that one photographer has claimed both top spots. Congratulations, Luke: your artistry and talent is inspiring to us all!

romantic image of groom carrying his bride in a field with tall grass

First runner up for best photo of 2015 is awarded to "Through the Fields", Becca and Josiah, photographed by Adam and Raina of Stick Productions, in Estevan, SK.

westcoast wedding of bride and goom oceanside on rocks sun setting and bride wearing wellies

Second runner up for best wedding photo of 2015 is awarded to "As the Sun Goes Down", Lindsay and Daryl, photographed by Erin Wallis of Erin Wallis Photography, in Tofino, BC.

bride and groom standing under cherry blossom trees with petals falling all around

Fan favourite and third runner up for best photo of 2015 is awarded to "Under the Cherry Blossoms", Marie-Claire and Patrick, captured by Samantha Ong of Samantha Ong Photography, in Toronto, ON.

underwater wedding photo bride and groom swimming towards one another

5th place is awarded to "Underwater Rendezvous", daring couple Kaija and Nathan, captured by Martine Sansoucy of Martine Sansoucy Photography, in Sasktoon, SK.

bride and groom kiss lakeside at dusk with cotton candy skies

6th place goes to "Cotton Candy Skies", Jess and Ivan, captured by Wes Robitialle of Love Knots Wedding Photography, in London, ON.

winter wedding photography playful bride with mittens and snowball groom in distance

7th place for best photo of 2015 is awarded to "Playful Bride", Tori and Benjamin, photographed by Sarah Sinkwich of Timelapse Productions, in Sylvan Lake, AB.

bride and groom stretching from front and back seat to kiss in vintage car

8th place for best photo of 2015 goes to "Vintage Car Kiss", Sandrine and Chafic, photographed by Alesya Kornetskaya of La V image Wedding Photography, in Montreal, QC.

low light wedding photography idea reflective bride and groom with veil wrapped around bride

9th place is awarded to "Quiet Reflection", Dinah and Tobias, captured by this year's overall winner, Luke Liable, Luke Liable Photography, in Vancouver, BC.

closeup of bride and groom standing in front of water snuggling nose to nose

10th place for best photo of 2015 goes to "Lakeside Snuggle", Skylar and Cody, photographed by Holly of With Love Photography, in Nanaimo, BC.

bride and groom standing in front of ocean with stormy skies and sweeping clouds

11th place for best photo of 2015 goes to "Love Prevails", Brooke and Dennis, photographed by Lee Milliken of Lee Milliken Photography of Victoria, BC.

sunset photo of bride and groom beside ocean at low tide with sun peaking through couple's kiss

Last, but certainly not least, 12th place for best photo of 2015 goes to "Golden Hour Kiss", Jennifer and Bryan photographed by Ocean Simone Shine of Douglas & Ocean Photography House of Tofino, BC.

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