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The Best Engagement Portraits of 2011

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"Hundreds of photographers, over a thousand amazing engagement portraits, a twelve-month selection process"..

.. And the Winner Is ...

Erica Martin and Mike McMahon
photographed by Brent Foster (Windsor, Ontario)

A Very Close Second

Chloe Crowson and Zack Pettus (Galiano Island, BC)
photographed by Matt Neumann (Phrozen Photo)

So very interesting, the contrasting styles between the top-2. Brent's sensual shot was actually the only unanimous choice among the six judges. Matt's incredibly romantic take.. only two points behind!

Click the Images

For high-res and the story of each photograph

Tied for Third!

Terron and Mariko
photographed by Brian Van Wyk (China Beach, Vancouver Island)

Jena and Ashkan
photographed by Katia Trudeau (Elora, ON)

Michelle and Kevin
photographed by Julianna Pennings (St. Thomas, Ontario) / bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts

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The Runners-Up

Rounding up the top-15.. the following ten photos were actually tied for fourth place! Our closest contest ever.

Tonya & Ben Brianna & Kevin Channa & Devon Isabelle & Todd Kristen & Jerod Jessica & Nick Kelsey & Jamie May & Dennis Rhian & William Erica & Adam

A Great Many Thanks to our Guest Judges..

Kim Mah, Editor
Real Weddings Magazine
Theo Dermatis, Editor
Elegant Wedding Magazine
Kathie James, Producer
The Wedding Fair Calgary

Honourable Mentions

We "pulled" these two from the "runners-up" above, because the really stood out

The "Wow!" Engagement Portrait of 2011

Sophia and Fayaz
photographed by Shelley Weber (As I See It Photography, Calgary)

Read their Amazing Story

Our KIDNEY Story ~ By Sophia

About 5 years ago, Fayaz was told he has to start dialysis treatments. This occurred about a year before we met. Fayaz handled things well and he didn't let dialysis treatments get in his way of doing the things he loved including travelling, earning a degree and working.

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to donate my kidney to Fayaz. I talked to Fayaz, my friends, my doctor and my family about it. They were all supportive of my choice, especially my parents. The support from friends and family was the most important strength for Fayaz and I throughout the entire process. After 6 months of assessments I found out that I am a match and all we had to do was pick a date.

On June 21, 2011 I gave my kidney to Fayaz. Everything went smoothly, the surgeons were amazing and the kidney began to work right away. We were admitted together in the hospital for a week; after that we spent 3 months recovering together... and planning a wedding ;) We are now both back to work and back to our regular routines. We are now looking forward to our wedding and a nice long honeymoon all over Europe.

The "Hey!" Engagement Portrait of 2011

After running this contest for three years, our first same-sex couple! Proud of you guys. Especially, since you actually won "People's Choice" for the Fall submissions. Yipee!..

Riyaz and Justin
photographed by Jasser Abu-Giemi (JAG Photography, Edmonton)

See you All in 2012!

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