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Popular Winner: Fall Engagement Photo 2011

Posted At : February 16, 2012 12:11 AM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 10,354
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A special moment @ today: the first same-sex engagement photo, winner of our popular choice contest, for the Fall of 2011 Submissions. Riyaz & Justin, from Edmonton, photographed by Jasser Abu-Giemi (JAG Photography)

After 7 years of dating, Justin finally decided to pop-the-question while he and Riyaz were vacationing in Maui. He had purchased a Tiffany's ring that Riyaz had been eying for the last couple years and was hoping to ask Riyaz to marry him during a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. After a rather strong wind had shortened their day at the beach, Riyaz decided to take in some shopping at a high end shopping area at Wailea...home to the only Tiffany & Co on the island of Maui. As they pulled up, Riyaz announced that 'today would be the day' he would be finally be visiting Tiffany's to buy the ring he had tried on oh-so-many times. In a panic, Justin pulled out the ring and popped-the-question right there in the parking lot! In hindsight he should have waited until the car had stopped moving...


  1. This is Jasser's second award. He actually won Engagement Photo of the Year, last year - wow!

  2. Third popular runner-up, an incredible couple with a story you have to read to believe, Sophia & Fayaz, photographed by Shelley Weber @ As I See It, in Calgary.

    Our KIDNEY Story... By Sophia
    About 5 years ago, Fayaz was told he has to start dialysis treatments. This occurred about a year before we met. Fayaz handled things well and he didn't let dialysis treatments get in his way of doing the things he loved including travelling, earning a degree and working. About a year ago, I decided I wanted to donate my kidney to Fayaz. I talked to Fayaz, my friends, my doctor and my family about it. They were all supportive of my choice, especially my parents. The support from friends and family was the most important strength for Fayaz and I throughout the entire process. After 6 months of assessments I found out that I am a match and all we had to do was pick a date. On June 21, 2011 I gave my kidney to Fayaz. Everything went smoothly, the surgeons were amazing and the kidney began to work right away. We were admitted together in the hospital for a week; after that we spent 3 months recovering together... and planning a wedding ;) We are now both back to work and back to our regular routines. We are now looking forward to our wedding and a nice long honeymoon all over Europe.

  3. Our second popular runner-ups (Michelle & Kevin, from St Thomas ON) win the newly minted and highly coveted Most Athletic Fiancé award - and are responsible for a lot of breakage due to failed duplication attempts in our office.. gee, thanks Kevin!

    photo: Julianna Pennings, This Moment Forever Photography


This Monday, Feb 20th, we will reveal our overall 2011 winners: The Best Engagement Photos of the YEAR

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