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Mint Green, the Wedding Colour of 2013?

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"we love it for its class, sophistication and youthful appeal"..

mint wedding theme for 2013

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When Pantone, the design world's authority on colour, released its 2013 spring fashion colour report, we all waited with anxious anticipation to see what would dethrone 2012's tangerine orange as the wedding colour of the year.

For 2013, the list of 10 favourites includes bright red and yellow plus bold and muted tones of blue and green. But, the 2013 colour of the year still remains to be officially announced.

Our Prediction!

Many believe either a shade of green or blue will be the winner but word on the street seems to be calling for mint, a soft, elegant, and ethereal shade of green. Although we won't know for sure until December, we're placing our bets on mint as the 2013 wedding colour of the year.


Mint's got it going on... we love it for its class, sophistication and youthful appeal.


Mix it with an edgy pewter or slate and your look goes from soft and subtle to modern and sexy!

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