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A Wedding Gown Just Like Kate's?

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"The most royal fashion options, available to Canadian brides!"..

Kate Middleton's wedding dress

Fit for a Royal Bride - Fit for YOU!

Arguably the most anticipated piece of bridal fashion of 2011, Kate Middleton's wedding dress combined Grace Kelly elegance with contemporary understatement and will definitely set the tone for the next few months - if not years!

Were you Inspired? Did you watch the royal ceremony and think "you know, this would look great on ME!"? Good news.. as it turns out, you can look just like a princess (literally!) tomorrow!

Romona Keveza

This is uncanny.. check out this gown from Romona Keveza's "Legends" line. Wow! Someone was definitely in-tune with the latest in Royal styling! Other than the exact cut of the neck, this could be a replica! It almost looks as if Kate's dress was actually inspired from this dress.. (Kate's makeup was much better though :-)

..a romantic fitted A-line gown with a V-neck bodice with illusion neckline and is complimented with illusion long sleeves made of delicate Chantilly lace. Skirt is made of silk shantung taffeta and features a detachable court train. Retails for $4,389 without train - $5,379 with train. Available in white and ivory.

Romona Keveza kate middleton look-alike dress form the Legends collection 2011

available in:
Blush Bridal (Vancouver)
Mia Bridal Co. (Ottawa)

Just for fun, you should seek out Romona Keveza even if you are looking for something like Kate's "other" dress, her reception gown. Here we have Romona Keveza style L251 (also from the Legends Collection) It is made of silk shantung with a Swarofski crystal belt and retails for ~$3509.


The Mori-Lee Kate-lookalike-gown is actually even closer to the original, don't you think? The neckline V is pronounced a touch more.. just like Kate's dress. It comes from the (very appropriately named!) "Duchess" Line - Style #1707. The catch: it is not available quite yet.. you have to order it (they must have designed it quickly after the wedding) - but if your wedding date is still a few months away, this wis not a problem!

Mori-Lee, Kate Middleton wedding dress

available in:
Bryan's Brides (Vancouver)
Ethos Bridal (Calgary & Edmonton)
Angie's Bridal Boutique (Burlington/GTA)
France B. Pronuptia (Montréal & Quebec City)

(*) JS Bridal (U.S.)

OK, so the (*)star next to this one means that we are not sure if it actually sold in Canada. This is a JS Bridal dress, the "economy" version of Kate's dress, quickly put into "production" after the wedding, which will be sold at Nordstrom's department stores in the US. But it will potentially be available through their website and it is cheap :-) (retail ~$750?)

How about Pippa?

Let's not forget the other Middleton girl, Kate's sister Philippa. Deborah, from the Velvet Room, in Vancouver, sent us this Saniya Khan dress (silk backless, cowl front, size 4) - listed at $550. The leather wrap belt is from Bronsino ($98); the necklace by Coral Moon; petal pearls 14K gold filled clutch bag by Davie and Chiyo ($98); Facinator by Notice Me hat ($98)

This should get you started. Point is, there are all sorts of options out there already. And, of course, you can always work with a talented local gown designer and refine the "royal design" into something that is perfect for you!

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