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Contest! Best Engagement Photos in Canada

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Brides: submit your photos, as soon as you have them!

We are looking for "the best engagement portraits, taken in 2011 in Canada" (check out past years' winners: 2009, 2010)


Details, Entry, Deadlines, Q&A

Four Seasonal Awards, on Facebook

Out of the hundreds of submissions, every few days our editors select the photos that stand out and post them in a dedicated photo album on our Facebook page.

To vote, you, your friends and our Facebook fans & followers simply "like" their favourite photos.

Now Accepting: Fall 2011 Images

  • Winter submissions are closed and the voting is complete. Our popular winners: Barbara & Kent
  • Spring submissions are also closed. Our popular winners: Jessica & Nick
  • Summer submissions are also closed. (the Voting is on, until Oct 15th)
  • So, right now we are collecting "FALL" photographs, taken in September, October & Novemeber 2011. Submit right away, start collecting votes! The deadline is January 31st. (submission instructions, below)

    (*) Voting Deadlines: two weeks after the submission deadline (i.e. May 15th, Jul 15th, Oct 15th, Feb 15th), at midnight PST.

    Prizes, Prizes, Prizes! / bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts

    Wedding Stand: Personalized bridesmaids gifts Groom Stand: Personalized groomsmen gifts

    Our friends at Shopping Stand Inc, purveyors of all fine bridal party gifts, are sponsoring the contest: Each seasonal people's choice winner will receive:

    The Best Engagement Photo of the Year?

    Finally, in January 2012, our panel of judges will re-consider all the seasonal finalists, from which they will declare the Overall Winner of 2011. Our panel consists of the writers & editors, plus the publishers of our partner wedding magazines (Real Weddings, Calgary Bridal Guide & Elegant Wedding)


    How to Enter

    Simple! Just e-mail us your photo, exactly as follows:
    • Send to contest[at] (obviously, use the @ symbol instead!)
    • Subject: "Engagement Photo Contest"
    • Attach the photograph as a JPG (best) or GIF or PNG, ideally larger than 800 pixels in width (try to keep the file size under 1 MB?)
    • In the body of the email, please include the following info:
      • The couple's names
      • The bride's e-mail address & twitter handle, if possible
      • The Date & Location of the photograph
      • The Name of the Photographer and their web address, if you know it..
      • The Story? If you think it will add context, feel free to include any anecdotes and background for your photo-shoot, choice of locales etc etc..

    • Winter Submissions Deadline: April 30th, 2011, at midnight PST.
      (photos from Dec, Jan, Feb and March)
    • Spring Submissions Deadline: June 30th, 2011, at midnight PST.
      (photos from Apr, May only)
    • Summer Submissions Deadline: September 30th, 2011, at midnight PST.
      (photos from Jun, Jul, Aug)
    • Fall Submissions Deadline: January 31st, 2012, at midnight PST.

      - because of the holiday break.. (photos from Sep, Oct, Nov)

    Tracking Your Photo, Finalists & Results

    • "Like" on Facebook: Every time a photograph is short-listed and posted on Facebook, it will appear as a news item on your "Wall". "Share" the story with all your friends to start registering votes.

    • Follow @bride_ca on Twitter: Every time a photograph is short-listed and posted on Facebook, we will tweet:
      "Vote for @yourname in the @bride_ca #EngagementPhotoAwards". (that's why we asked for your twitter handle..)
      You can instantly retweet this to all your followers. You can also use the hashtags to track the contest in general.

    Spread the Word!

    Share this story with 2011 brides and canadian wedding photographers.
    And let the most romantic photograph win!

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