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2012 Wedding Trends :: The Modern Vintage-Theme Wedding

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"when you combine retro chic with cool "green", the end result is simply inspiring"..

1950's inspired wedding dress

What's hot in weddings for 2012? Well, what's new is really quite old.. vintage-old.
That's right. Grandma's cupboard just may be hiding the secret to your perfect wedding décor. Vintage is all the rage and it's a trend that we really love. Why? Aside from its retro-chic qualities, vintage is the ultimate in "green" or sustainable. So, when you combine retro chic with cool "green", the end result is simply inspiring!

Check it out:

  1. The Floral Bouquet: if you are planning on using a traditional floral bouquet, you can give yours a vintage feel by using soft colours like white, ivory, cream, light pink or lavender in big blooms like hydrangeas, peonies, or roses. Pearls, lace, and a sparkly brooch on the stem will complete the creation.


    Using flowers that are in-season is always the best bet when trying to go "vintage".
  2. The Non-Floral Bouquet: the eco-friendly and vintage alternative to flowers in a bouquet is the brooch bouquet. Collect several keepsake brooches and assemble them into a timeless keepsake that you can carry down the aisle and cherish forever..

  1. The Centerpieces: milk glass will be hugely popular in 2012 as the vintage trend continues and grows. A few large blooms placed in the centre of a milk glass vase with some pearls draped next to it makes for a very elegant centerpiece reminiscent of yesteryear. Hit some of your local second hand stores to find milk glass in all shapes and sizes, and then use your inspiration to create a memorable centerpiece.


    Use bright coloured flowers to make the milk glass really stand out.
  2. The Décor: make a statement by using old bottles & jars at the entrance, on the cake table or even on the guest tables. These old colourful bottles are great as candle holders or flower vases.


    Assemble a series of old bottles in a variety of heights at the reception entrance along with some vintage books and an "antique" chair to create a warm inviting atmosphere.
    Old china patterns are another great way to inject some retro into your decor. A tea pot here, a cup and saucer there...perhaps, mom or grandma can lend you some of their favourite pieces?

    A Great Example

    Leah & Darryl's Wedding in St. Catharines, ON
  3. The Guests: frame a matte with your seating chart onto a vintage frame and display it at the entrance. You could even continue the theme with smaller frames for the table numbers placed at each guest table.

    idea: Project Wedding


    Use a hand written font for a more authentic look.
  4. The Details: burlap and lace are two items synonymous with vintage. To add a little something extra to your day, make burlap napkin rings decorated with lace.


    These would also make great favours.

Going "vintage" is a trend that has continued to grow steadily over the last few wedding seasons. As 2012 approaches, this trend will become even more popular.

Remember, when planning a "vintage" themed wedding, simply adding a few select details throughout your day will add the retro feel and will create something extra special. However, if you're planning on going full on retro, remember to incorporate everything into your "vintage" feel, right down to your gown, bridesmaids and even your jewelry.

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