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A Junkfood Buffet? Why not?

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Love junkfood? Include your fun favourites in a late night wedding buffet. Here are a collection of ideas from around the Internet for you. Just make sure you customize it to junkfood that you love!

Pop Corn!

Serving fresh popcorn at your wedding reception

Late Night Popcorn Machine!
idea: Alexa Events (Denver)

Grilled Cheese?

Yummy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Cheesecake Pops

photo: Mimi Katzchen

How about a Milkshake Buffet?

Pink millkshakes for your wedding!

Also pictured: strawberry milk, candy, cupcakes, cake, macaroons & sweets
arrangement: Amy Atlas Events, NY

Coffee and donuts :-)

Romantic donuts?

source: Martha Stewart

The sky is truly the limit as there is so much junk food out there! Tell me what your favourite junk food is?. I'm going to go and grab a snack.

Take care, Steph

Stephanie Thompson is the CEO & Creative Director of Stephanie Thompson Wedding Design, in Hamilton ON.
She's a certified wedding coordinator through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. She has also taken courses in floral design and decorating and frequently attends wedding industry conferences to stay current and up to date on the latest and greatest in weddings.

Stephanie is a Leo :-)

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