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Table Numbers: Some Creative Alternatives

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Simple table numbers, for wedding reception

Yup, your standard, traditional, table numbers, everyone always has.. nothing wrong with them, but, CAN YOU DO BETTER?

When arranging your guest tables, it is important to name or number each table so that each guest knows exactly where they are expected to sit during the reception.

Tables Names?

Simply numbering your tables in order is the easiest way to handle this wedding detail. However, finding a more creative way to name each table can add some entertainment to your reception and can lead to more design or décor options as well.

For example, if you and your fiancé do a lot of traveling or hope to in the future, you can name each table based on a particular travel destination. One table can be called Paris and can have an Eiffel tower as part of the centerpiece. Get the idea?

From Sunray & Gene's wedding
images: Jesse Leake Photography, San Francisco

Or, choose to name your tables based on a shared hobby, favourite restaurants, or pastimes, like a favourite sport. Do you love to ski? Name each table by ski resort and use different ski related items as part of your table décor. See the pattern?


Include a related trivia question on each card and really get your guests talking!


  • Another great idea we saw recently was to have each table represent a year during your courtship. For example, if you have been dating for ten years, use one year per table for the table number and have a picture of the two of you taken that year for part of the centerpiece. If months not years represent your entire courtship, name each table by month with its coordinating photo.
  • How about this? Display your table numbers is to have numbers printed out on large cards. Take your photographer out for the day and do a fun shoot with the two of you holding each number. This is a great way to mesh with your photographer before the wedding and it adds conversational interest to each table.

    from: WeddingBEE

"When planning your wedding, you will have lots of little details to tend to that may seem tedious and boring. Spice them up a bit and make even the smallest detail fun for you and interesting for your guests. It's a win, win combination!"..

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