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Braids: Hot 2010 Wedding Hair Trend

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"braids are the big thing in hair this season; love them or hate them, you'll be seeing lots of them around"..

Wedding Hairstyle: single braid

Single Braid (photo

Once you see a few A-list actresses and models sporting braids in their hair, you know it won't be long before this look becomes a fashion must. Yes, braids are the big thing in hair this season; so, love them or hate them, you'll be seeing lots of them around.

Braids in 2010 take on a modern twist because, today, they are an essential part of the look without being the entire hairstyle. For example, the big thing this year is to have the braid replace the accessory, like the hair band, and have the rest of your hair fall in loose locks around it.

A braid, smartly replacing a hair band or other hair accessory

Bangs are replaced by a "hair band braid" (photo

The elimination of the bangs in the form of a braid across the crown of the head is really the big story but braids have many functions and can be worn in many ways.

For example, braids assembled like a "rope" ponytail at the top of the head is also very much "in" this season as are braids in a "Heidi" like style where all the hair is braided and assembled in a wreath around the entire head.

wedding hairstyle: Rope braid, forming a bun

Rope braid in a bun (from

Heidi-style wedding hair

The "Heidi" look! (photo:

Braids are not new in the world of high fashion nor in the wedding world; so, the proper presentation is key in making the look perfect for 2010.

Key elements to a 2010 braided hairstyle include

  • imperfect or messy braids
  • braids assembled high on the head
  • one single braid across the top of the head in lieu of bangs or a head band

Advantages to including braids in your bridal hairstyle?

  • braids are good for any age group
  • they don't have to be perfect to look good
  • a small braid in an otherwise simple hairstyle will instantly make your look current

Low-braided wedding hairstyle idea

Low Braided Hairstyle

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