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Lash Test Dummies, To-Wear or Not-to-Wear..

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..That is the Question!

By former CHANEL makeup artist, Dea Code, Winnipeg

I am a makeup artist and I love to use false eye lashes on my brides. But do the brides love them?
That is a question you should be asking yourself before the 'big day'. How will you like them and will they work for you on your wedding day.

False Eye-Lashes: What you Need to Know

False Eye LashesFalse eye lashes were originally made of fringe. Fringe was carefully attached to thread and then this pattern was affixed to eyelid with glue. Obviously, these eyelashes failed to look natural; besides, they lived a short life - just for several hours. As the procedure was rather expensive, only famous people could afford it. It became more popular when American movie director D.W. Griffith designed the first set of false eyelashes. A wig maker created the lashes out of human hair and gauze, and the result was catching. They became a staple for makeup artists in Hollywood and later around the world. Twiggy made them more famous in the 60's when the POP culture fashion trends started in Britain--along with the British Invasion. Her pencil thin body and her lower lashed doe-eyes became the trend to follow. Thus was born, the Mod Look.

Without going to this extreme, your choices vary from individual lashes to full strip lashes:
  • Individuals are glued to your own lashes in a one by one application giving a 'lift' to the corner of the eyes or accentuating the full upper lid. They feel very comfortable and look extremely natural.
  • Strip lashes are also applied with adhesive and are glued to the natural lash line. They should be cut and trimmed for the most flattering appearance and comfortable fit.

False Eyelashes

Dea's Professional Tips & Secrets

There are options in the lash length of course, but also in colour, design and flexibility.
  • I prefer to choose natural hair lashes with white glue that dries clear.
  • Be sure to pick ones with a soft, flexible and fine base.
  • I avoid the self-adhesive ones, as they are bulky and do not stay on.
  • I recommend the lashes to be used at the trial makeup for comfort and wearability.
  • A non-water based adhesive keeps them on, even through the tears. Professionally applied individual lashes are an option, and last up to a month. They are very comfortable and stay on very well.
  • The down side? You have to be exceptionally careful removing your makeup when you wear this type and if one falls off in an obvious place on your eye, you have to go to the salon for a touch up.
  • I do recommend having a trial with lashes to feel and look most glamorous and polished, but make sure you know how long they will last and how they work for you, BEFORE the wedding day.

Dea Code (iDea Makeup Application) is a Winnipeg makeup artist with 20 yrs experience, across Canada.
Her training is from Paris and Montreal, in skincare, makeup and current styles; she was the Western Canadian makeup artist for CHANEL for 14 years; her wedding makeup has been featured in Wedding Bells, The Jewish Post and Chatelaine; she also has 10 years experience in commercial makeup, working for W Network, CTV, CBC and numerous photographers.

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