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We seriously doubt whether there is a single Canadian bride who is not actually on Facebook these days.. for one thing, every single person in this office definitely is! So we figures, if we're there all ready, we may as well make our own page.. at least this way we can spend our day with all of you!'s Facebook Page

Our "BrideBook"

Facebook is not exactly .. Google.. I mean you can't really use it for research and information look-up. But there is nothing like it when you're trying to connect and share.. in this case, with other brides!

  • Stay Updated/In-Touch: For starters, we 've linked our blog to the Facebook Page so, if you're our "fan", you will get instant, daily updates of all the new articles, photos and content on your Wall.
  • The Best-of This may take a while, but we are going to copy all of our most popular/visual stories in there.. mostly the ones that include good photo galleries. This way you can share them, solicit comments from your friends and maintain your own shortlists.
  • Discussion / Free Advice: The best part of all! We have very high hopes for the "Discussions" feature.. an easy online "forum" for all you Canadian brides-to-be out there. Do you have questions? Ask them! (a) there is always someone who just solved the same problem and can share their ideas (b) we will be bringing all of our specialists, from across Canada, to participate. That is, literally, thousands of wedding professionals. Ask them what they think, solicit a quote, complain about someone - whatever... (just "behave" - no name calling, if you can help it :-)

So.. Join Already!

Or, in the Facebook lingo.. "become a fan". And start sharing! We 've started a sample conversation in the forum.. go ahead and start your own..

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