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Wedding Hair Accessories 2011

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bridal feather hair accessory


As a new year approaches, brides are already starting to ask the question "what will bridal hair look like next year?" Although we have seen some trends starting to take shape for the upcoming year, we are certain there will be lots more to come in the next few months. However, here's a sampler to get you thinking and planning your wedding day look with these super hot must have accessories:

  1. The headband: coupled with a simple hairstyle (updo or down in loose locks), the headband is a perfect accompaniment to a 2011 bride's look. Headbands will be popular in many forms ranging from the embellished crystal and rhinestone bands to the simple symmetrical fabric bands. Double headbands will also be popular in 2011 for brides hoping to add a little romance to their appearance.

    Bridal hair band

    photo: Squidoo

    Pearl bridal hair band

    from Dessy

  1. Crystal Pins: will continue to be present in bridal hair throughout the end of 2010 and into 2011. Loosely twisted buns and even more polished updo's will be completed with a beautiful cluster of crystals in one area of the hairstyle for a modern, couture effect.

    Bridal hair pin 2011

    photo: Squidoo

    from Andrea's Beau

    Hey, isn't this Keira Knightley??

  2. Flowers and Feathers: the single flower or a flower adorned with a few feathers and crystals will be another popular addition to wedding hairstyles in 2011.

    The single flower is usually associated with summer or beach weddings because of its simple and carefree appearance.

    single white flower, bridal hair accessory (designer: Carolina Herrera)

    White feathers add subtlety to any look and will work with almost any gown style. This accessory works with either updos or long hair assembled in a half updo style. It is both elegant and classic.

    Combination feather & flower bridal hair pin

    from:! - didn't know they sold wedding stuff..

While hair accessories themselves do not change much over the years, we can count on some to always be popular while others disappear only to gain popularity again years later. Keep those that do stay with us season after season, like the ones mentioned above, looking fresh by choosing the right hairstyle and gown...

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