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Green Wedding Idea: Plantable Guest Favours

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"true eco friendly options when selecting your wedding favours"..

item: Daisy Seeds
source: Plant a Memory Eco Favors & Gifts

Going green is all the new buzz for weddings, in Canada and abroad - and everyone taking note. That's why when a truly "green" wedding idea presents itself, we can't help but talk about it.

Plantable favours take green wedding ideas to the next level by giving brides true eco friendly options when selecting their wedding favours.

plantable seed wedding favours in Canada

item: Secret Garden Seeds
source: Plant a Memory Eco Favors & Gifts

When we say plantable, we are talking about offering your guests seeds, bulbs, tree seedlings and even plantable paper as wedding favours. They can later plant and enjoy these favours as an everlasting memento of your wedding day!

item: Evergreen Seeds
source: Plant a Memory Eco Favors & Gifts

And.. you can keep the green theme going by packaging your plantable offerings in brown favour boxes made guessed it...100% recycled paper, adorned with naturally beautiful raffia ribbon. The end result is the greenest form of wedding favour around. Gotta love it!

Plantable, green, wedding favor: iris flower bulbs

item: Iris Flower Bulbs
source: Plant a Memory Eco Favors & Gifts

And if that's not enough, the marketplace can serve up even more "green" by offering tree seedlings that are grown right here at home...go Canada!

item: Live Seedlings
source: Plant a Memory Eco Favors & Gifts

Plantable eco friendly favours are a fantastic way to both thank your guests for attending your wedding and to make an ultra chic environmental statement.

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