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Bridal Fashion: Medieval / Renaissance / Celtic Wedding Dresses

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Although the words "medieval" and "renaissance" refer to different eras, they are often used interchangeably to describe a unique style of wedding dress: bell sleeves, corseted bodices, and Celtic designs are all common components of this type of gown.

Some brides opt to go all-out and carry the medieval theme throughout their entire wedding, while others simply prefer the old-world, enchanting beauty of this style..

Medieval wedding dress by SkyRidge designs

Three medieval gowns from SkyRidge Designs, each featuring flattering square necklines, bell sleeves, and one with a bold, antique-style belt for added flair.

Medieval wedding gown by Katrina Marie Designs

The "Juliette" is available in panne and velvet, and features a sweetheart neckline, ivory/gold cording at the bodice, and sheer chiffon sleeves. Available at Katrina Marie Designs.

Medieval bridal gown by Roxx

A stunning black and white brocade design and corset at the waist, courtesy of Roxx Online.

Celtic wedding dress by Celtic Attic

This dress features sheer, lacy sleeves and a square neckline, from Celtic Attic.

Renaissance wedding gown by Rvendell Bridal

The "Guinevere" gown features flowing crepe fabric and delicate ivy embroidery down the sides. Available at Rivendell Bridal.

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