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Bridal Fashion Sampler: Purses & Bags for the Bride

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Brides who want a purse that stands out on their big day will not be disappointed by the following random selection from some online retailers: between a bag that resembles a bridal bouquet and another that resembles a fan, there's something for everyone out there! (* prices are current as of June 2009, but of course may change)

Vintage style bridal bag shown here in gold satin

Vintage style evening bag shown here in gold satin and white satin, available for $ 39.98 at Bridal People

Flower bridal bag with beaded handle

Flower evening bag with beaded handle. Only £16.25 at My Fave Shop

Elegant evening clutch in gathered satin

Elegant evening clutch in gathered satin; $ 35.99 at Bridal People

Fan-shaped Golden Rose purse

Fan-shaped "Golden Rose" purse for $74.98 at Good Orient

Victorian wedding purse

Intricately beaded and embroidered Victorian wedding purse; $24.99 at Roses and Teacups

Market Survey by G. Melanson :-)

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