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Cinderella Bridal Show, July 7, Langley BC

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The five month break between the Spring and Fall bridal show seasons can seem a lot longer if you're planning a wedding during this period. Luckily for brides in the Vancouver area, Sharon and Wally Martin of Princess and the Pea are producing the free Cinderella Bridal Show in the first week of July.
Here is their press release:

Langley Bridal Show

July 7 Cinderella Bridal Show in Langley

Dear Bride & Groom & Friends

Sharon & Wally Martin invite brides, grooms and friends to attend our next FREE Bridal Show at Fort Langley Community Hall - 9167 Glover Rd on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 4 PM to 9 PM

Admission is FREE and you can bring as many friends as you wish. Admission is FREE for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there. You can arrive at any time and have plenty of time to see all of the displays. You do not need a ticket to come to the show. We will be giving away over 80 door prizes. Brides can enter for the door prizes when they arrive at the show. (or someone else can enter the brides name if she is unable to attend) You only need to fill out one entry form for all the door prizes. There is also a FREE draw for other attendees (bridesmaids etc.)

There will be 80 wedding related businesses involved in the show. Most brides spend 1 to 2 hours visiting the different displays set up by the vendors. You will find everything you need to organize your wedding. There is more information and a map at You can enter your name when you arrive for the many FREE door prizes we will be giving away. Each of the businesses gives us at least one door prize. Several days after the show we draw names and brides that are called will be asked to choose a door prize.

There will also be a Fall Bridal Show at Princess and the Pea

Sharon & Wally Martin

Princess and the Pea B and B

Ft Langley Bridal Show

Fort Langley Community Hall

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