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Unique, Personal & Fun: Custom Cartoons for your Wedding

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Here's a seriously entertaining wedding idea we just discovered in our "Unique Services" listings. It can add some flair and a lighthearted touch to your event, create some memorable keepsakes and also keep your guests entertained - especially their children!

The artist: John Beveridge of Victoria, aka "Johny Caricature" - but he can work "remotely" off a photograph as well, so this is available to everyone.

The Product: Custom cartoons which can be used throughout your wedding

  • You can incorporate them in your invitations
  • You can use them as a "guest-book" that the guests will sign
  • You can even have John on-site, as an entertainer for your guests
  • etc etc
  • Here are John's comments on these four samples:

    I am attatching 4 different visuals......3 of which are more so for the bride & groom and digitally painted ( pre-wedding for invitations , guestbook.etc.). The style of which ranges from very cartoony to almost portrait-like, depending on what they prefer.

    The last sample is a black and white sketch.....that is typical of live-quick-sketch caricature. This can be done either with a pre-print of their choice of scenes( photo-copied sketch leaving out the heads), in this sceneria i draw the guests heads only, and i can do many more in an hour.( 15-20). The other alternative is ..drawing the guests complete with bodies, in the theme of their choice( hobbies,sports,etc.) which is more flexible, but limits the drawings per-hour (10-12).

    Either way, it is always a hit with guests and wedding party alike.

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