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Eye-Catching Wedding Centerpieces

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"a centerpiece should stand tall enough to be visible from a distance in order to create a table top that's truly 'set'"..

wedding centrepieces

Amongst the cutlery, wedding favors, and table number holders that decorate a reception table, the table's centerpiece is what acts as the main focal point, pulling all other elements together. Though tiny items such as tea lights, glass beads and flower petals look pretty when scattered on a reception table, a centerpiece should stand tall enough to be visible from a distance in order to create a table top that's truly "set".

Elements of a Centerpiece

A reception centerpiece is usually composed of at least one large element, such as a vase or candle holder, which displays smaller elements, such as flowers, sand, candles, glass beads, shells, etc. Both the colours of the centerpiece items and the way in which they are displayed can be customized to suit the season of your wedding. For example, a summer or destination wedding is perfectly complemented by a combination of seashells, sand, and candles in light colours; while an autumn wedding could be reflected in a centerpiece of sunflowers, gourds, and harvest-coloured candles.

Centerpiece Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you plan on putting together a do-it-yourself centerpiece and are in search of ideas, or you want to save time by purchasing a complete centerpiece kit, the following centerpieces offer elegant ideas and inspiration.

tea light holders wedding centrepieces

In Casa Gifts

These silver plated diamond-shaped tea light holders create a sparkling setting to your reception tables. Three holders are sold per package, in sizes 19 cm, 21 cm, 26 cm from online boutique, In Casa Gifts

sea shell-candle holders wedding centrepieces

Wedding Style

Perfect for a beach wedding, these rustic sea shell candle holders (5.5 x 4.5 x 13) can hold a votive, floating candle or tea light. Available at Wedding Style online boutique.

cube vase wedding centrepieces

All Occasions Chic Decor Event Rentals, Vancouver

When wrapped with ribbons, cube vases such as this one from BC's All Occasions Chic Decor Rental, pull together a centerpiece perfectly. A bouquet of short-stemmed flowers that match your wedding colours creates a stunning focal point.

polymer pearls wedding centrepieces

Elegance by Design, Windsor ON

Polymer pearls such as these ones from Elegance by Design, add a whole new dimension to a vase or dish when water is added. Pearls are available in pink, aqua, sapphire blue, black or clear, and one package creates approximately 5.75L/1.5 gallons.

nesting Unity Sand Ceremony set wedding centrepieces

Elegance by Design, Windsor ON

Also from Elegance by Design, the nesting Unity Sand Ceremony set makes for a sleek, modern centerpiece which also symbolizes the perfect fit of the bride and groom. Swirling different shades of sand together creates an artistic effect which the couple can get creative with.

Eiffel vases wedding centrepieces

Evelyn Marie, Edmonton

(apologies for the tiny photo!)

These 31-inch Eiffel vases add eye-catching elegance to any reception table. They may be rented with or without floral arrangements from Edmonton, Alberta's Evelyn Marie.

Floating candle wedding centrepieces

Beyond All Dreams rentals, Brampton ON

Floating candles and rose petals drift delicately in these modern mushroom vases (D 8" H 8") from Brampton, Ontario's Beyond All Dreams.

Floating flower wedding centrepieces

Beyond All Dreams rentals, Brampton ON

Cylinder vases can completely transform a table when layers of crystal beads, candles and flowers are added. Vases are available in 9"H,18"H, 20"H and 25.5"H at Beyond All Dreams.

Martini vase wedding centrepieces

Beyond All Dreams rentals, Brampton ON

These martini glass vases from Beyond All Dreams are available in 16", 20" and 23", and demonstrate the effect of combining floral and fruit for a fresh and fragrant centerpiece.

Mini Lanterns wedding centrepieces

Inspirasian Creations' Favor Collection

Luminous mini-lanterns from online boutique,

Favor Collection

are a perfect way to light up your reception tables with a warm and ambient glow. Each aluminum lantern stands 5" high with removable lid, and comes in glossy white or brushed silver.

Sunflower wedding centrepiece

Elegant Celebrations, Burnaby BC

Sunflowers set in a perfectly pretty watering pot are perfect for all seasons, and set the stage with matching votive candles. Courtesy of Burnaby, BC's Burnaby's Elegant Celebrations.


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