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Idea: Personalized Wedding Wine-Bottle Labels

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Troy & Karen's personalized wedding wine bottle label

Personalized wine label, by you 've been POSTED custom stationary.

Here is something to consider, if you 're providing your own wine for your wedding guests: the labels. Most home-made/family-made/custom-made wine comes with some sort of custom label, to be sure.. mind you I 've yet to see one that didn't look, you know.. like grandpa was playing with the home computer again :-)

Too, even when they look good, those traditional home-wine labels are usually something generic, like "Debbie's 2008 Vintage" or "Billy-Bob's home brew" etc.. Wouldn't it be so much better if you could have custom labels made just for your wedding reception? Something that..

  • unique to your wedding,
  • expresses your style and your relationship,
  • matches the wedding theme and your decor and
  • turns the bottle into a keepsake / wedding favour?
Well, just yesterday we ran into an Ontario company that provides this exact service (better yet, they can do it over the internet, so you can use them from anywhere in Canada):

Pamela & Mitch's custom wedding wine label

Perfect for destination / beach weddings too, it seems.

Jan & Dave's personalized wine bottle labels Katie & Tyrone's custom wedding wine label

you 've been POSTED's custom labels

(great company name too :-) All the labels shown on this story are courtesy of custom stationary company, you 've been POSTED. They sell some great invitations too, but these unique wine labels are what caught our eye. These are all custom, personalized labels of course. The folks at you've been POSTED can easily work over the internet with you, to design your own perfect wine label and their rates seem perfectly reasonable too:


  • Labels start at $1.00 each.
  • Minimum order of 30 labels.
  • Orders over 150 labels are $.90 each.
  • Custom sizing is available for an additional fee to be discussed during your consultation..

Christa and Greg's personalized wedding wine label

Dianna and Gregory's cape breton personalised wedding wine label

See, how this great wine label follows your wedding theme and expresses your personal style?

David & Roslyn's personalized wedding wine label

This bottle would make a great wedding favour too

Julia & Jackson's custom wedding wine label

A lighter, more contemporary design

Karen & Blake's custom wedding wine label

Personalized wedding wine label

Another one clearly meant as a keepsake

Jessica & Kyle's destination wedding wine label

We wish you were here!

You could actually send these bottles as favours, even to those guests that couldn't attend a destination wedding, in lieu of a thank-you card or one of those post-cards with a photo of the couple etc

Amanda & Carlos's custom wedding wine label

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