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What is this eco-chic craze that has taken the bridal industry by storm? Is it a passing phase, or a facet of life now recognized and embraced by the many green couples today which seek it? One thing is for sure, say's Brenda Holdsworth, owner and Eco-designer at BH Consulting and Design, it can't be bad to be good for the environment, so why dispute it; join in - it's time to make a celebration!

"Although the quality of recycled paper has improved dramatically over recent years, it still doesn't compare to the elegance offered in a brilliant gold or silver iridescent paper. You will need to also satisfy the need for your announcement to be nothing less than brilliant and provide a balance between the two worlds."..

10 eco-thoughts to consider when designing a wedding invitation

  1. Consider using a combination of natural and iridescent stocks and envelopes.
  2. Consider using only one efficient and fashionable envelope rather than the traditional double envelopes with liners (and adhesives).
  3. Accept your replies via email or through a free wedding website.
  4. Set-up your reply-card like a post card and eliminate the need for a reply envelope.
  5. Think ahead and print accessories (tags , boxes, thank you notes, etc) at the same time as your invitations. By maximizing the use of the paper and cutting back on ink you save on runs and on chemicals used to wash the press down after a run.
  6. Only order the number of invitation sets you required and if your invitation consultant says they can only print in quantities of 25... move on; they don't get it!
  7. Use ribbon that has been made from recycled plastic bottles. They're stunning!
  8. Use paper that has been hand-made rather than machine.
  9. Consider using a soya based or water-based ink.
  10. Consider seeded-paper, plantable invitations.

Introducing "Love Bloom" plantable invitations

Love Bloom, plantable green wedding invitations

One of the most interesting and most popular new ideas and Brenda's favourite new product is #10 in the above list: plantable invitations. She says..

Committed to our customer's satisfaction and to promoting a healthy environment, BH Consulting and Design is ecstatic to introduce her newest line of eco-invites, Love Blooms. The paper used to make these invitations is 100% hand-made in Canada and is made with 100% post consumer waste...but wait that's not the exciting part ... it grows wildflowers! When planted under a thin layer of soil and kept moist, your Love Blooms invitation will soon grow into a magnificent patch of wild flowers.

Thank you for Thinking GREEN!

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