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Best Wedding Reception Deal in Vancouver?

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"book everything you need for your wedding reception at one stroke. Half your wedding planning is finished! You can now focus on the fun stuff: your gown, your makeup"..

Vancouver wedding on a budget?

Breathe easy, the gals at New Manhattan just may have the sweetest deal for you. We have had our eye on New Manhattan Deli for their delicious creations as one of Vancouver's most exciting wedding caterers. By they have surprised us again by "upping the ante" once more. They have partnered up with the Gizeh Centre and a number of other local wedding suppliers, to create the ultimate one-stop wedding reception package in Vancouver:

Complete Wedding-Reception-In-a-Box!

Vancouver wedding reception at Gizeh Centre

Imagine being able to book everything you need for your wedding reception at one stroke. Half your wedding planning is finished! You can now focus on the fun stuff: your gown, your makeup, the photography = everything that makes you look good! Send the invites, register for gifts, relax. Better yet, this package can save you a lot of money.

So, what exactly is included? Here is what New Manhattan has put together:

The 'Economy Cruncher' Package

  • The Reception Venue: Gizeh Centre in Burnaby, including
    • Bartending (By the shriner's own staff: "cheapest drinks in town"; all profit donated to charity)
    • All china, flatware, glassware & linens
    • Serving Staff (for eight hours, including gratuities)
    • Chair Covers (by Chairs with Flair)
  • The DJ: Kevin Foster from Vancity Sound)
  • Catering: New Manhattan's wedding buffet typically includes:
    • Slow Roasted Grade AAA Baron of Beef, with au Jus and fresh horseradish cream & carved by their chefs for your guests.
    • Baked Glazed Ham, studded with whole cloves & garnished with pineapple, then bathed in a Caribbean glaze, served with Dijon mustard & carved by their chefs for your guests.
    • Rosemary Oven Roasted Potatoes.
    • Seasonal Mixed Vegetables in herbed butter glaze.
    • Classic Caesar Salad.
    • Penne Pasta Alfredo or Vegetarian Penne Pasta a la Marinara.
    • Basket of rolls & wedges, foccacia, whole wheat & white with whipped butter.
    • Gourmet coffee, assorted black and herbal teas, served with milk, cream, sugar, & lemon wedges.
    • Choice of Chocolate Espresso Decadence Cake or Bavarian Cream with Fresh Fruit Slab style Cake.

So, How Much?

It depends on the size of your wedding:

200-300 guests: $59.95 per person
150-200 guests: $64.95 per person
100-150 guests: $69.95 per person

So a 150 people reception would cost you $9,750, including the hall, catering, most of the decor, the music and your staff.
How does that compare with "market prices"? We 'd love to hear your comments..

Questions? Details?
Call Christine Anderson at New Manhattan: 604-421-2711

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