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Wedding 101: Tips on Selecting & Booking your Wedding Video

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"the keepsake of all the sounds, colors, emotions and every thing that happened on this once in a life time event"..

Don't leave it for last, then rush and book someone at random!

Your wedding day will approach much faster than you thought. While you focus on the perfect dress and the most spectacular reception hall, your to-do list will become another to-do item :-) Will you spend enough time selecting your videographer? Or will you just book the cheapest one and "get-it-over-with"? Naturally, price is a big factor but it's only one thing to consider when hiring a good videographer.

I am biased of course, but I think that choosing a videographer should easily be one of the top ten things to do before the wedding day. The video is a documentary of your special day and everyone that is attending. Along with the photographs, it is probably the only significant memento you will have, for the rest of your life. It's the keepsake of all the sounds, colors, emotions and every thing that happened on this once in a life time event.

F8 from Gustav Nel on Vimeo.

Top-5 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Videographer

  1. When meeting with your videographer can you see your self spending your whole day with them? Personality and compatibility goes a long way in having a good time especially if you are going to be surrounded-by and working-with someone the whole day. Someone who is supposed to make a permanent record of you looking your best no less!
  2. Always view sample footage of the videographer you intend to hire art is subjective, make sure you like the style of shooting and his or her creative ability.
  3. Don't be shy, ask as many questions as possible, regarding the package they offer; avoid disappointment later.
    • How many cameras one or more?
    • How many DVD's do I get?
    • Do you use wireless microphones?
    • How long will the final wedding video be?
    • Do you do photo montage's for the reception and/or video love stories. (normally shot on a different day well in advance of the wedding day).
    • How many hours do you cover during the event?
    • Can we use our own music soundtrack and songs?
    • How does payment work? ( Most videographers use the 50%-50% payment plan where you pay half of the package price as a booking deposit and the other half a week before the wedding day or on the wedding day).
  4. Book your videographer as early as you can a year in advance is a good rule of thumb. It guarantees getting the videographer of your choice.
  5. It is not uncommon to wait 3 to 6 months for the final cut of the wedding video. When the camera's shutdown the real work on the wedding video is just starting.

~ Gustav Nel, Videographer & Owner
g o O s e f i l m s inc., Calgary AB

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