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Wedding Shot of the Month (get it?)

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This being our last wedding idea blog post of the summer, we wanted to close with a bang! (or perhaps "a splash"?)

This great wedding photo is by BC photographer Kyle Jordan Perison of Through the Lens Photography.

We routinely spotlight noteworthy additions to our online wedding directory, but then we saw this photo and thought "wedding photo of the week" instead. The couple looks ultra-cool, the light looks sharp, the surroundings have an edgy feel to them and of course, the wedding dress! "Now, that's daring, that's fresh, that's original.. good for her!"

But then, of course.. "Wait a minute!" Know what a double-take is? That's right.. look again. "What's that in the groom's hand? Wow, hey.. I think the dress is actually 'custom'" :-) So now we 're thinking, no way, this is actually our "Wedding Idea of the Month" candidate, all the way.

In the end, just because we could not resist the cheesy pun, we settled for "Wedding SHOT of the Month". Get it? "Shot".. haha.. "closing the season with a bang!" "making a splash!" (OK, that's enough..)

Still not getting it? Take another look

We would like to know the couple's name. We are trying to think of an award for them.. any ideas?

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