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Ten Ideas for a Great Wedding on the Cheap

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Ready...Set....Go but not to the poorhouse with your upcoming wedding. You can no doubt economize on your big day. Define your budget, get a binder, place pictures and brochures and the cost of all the ideas you want to incorporate into your wedding and set a firm game plan of where to save without sacrificing.

On average, the most expensive parts of a wedding in Canada are the reception location, catering and the bridal gown. If you want to save money, focus on these. The process is fairly simple in having your wedding fit into a realistic budget.

  • Pick an off time for your ceremony and reception. Many times it is less expensive to hold your wedding on a Friday evening. If you are really stuck on a Saturday, do a luncheon celebration.
  • Carefully select the number of guests you wish to invite and reduce the size of bridal party. This is an all around cost saver.
  • Many wedding ceremony sites charge rental fees. If either of you or your families are members of a place of worship, the cost for a wedding ceremony is extremely inexpensive and sometimes free. Save even more, by holding the reception at the same location as the wedding.

    Consider places you would not normally regards as for a reception, for instance a museum or a public park. Public spaces are usually the cheapest but require a little more organization. Don't assume certain sites will have large fees. Do your research, you may be surprised


    Serving alcoholic drinks or having an open bar can up the costs considerably. You can reduce your costs by shortening the length of your reception, or limiting the types of drinks served.

    You don't need the top Chef in Canada to cater your wedding. Look into sites that include an on-site caterer. Remember that most menu costs are determined per guest.

    Wear that dress your mother or grandmother wore. This makes the day very special for you and for them. Or, rent a wedding gown as they can be fitted to you exactly and will be far more affordable. Another possibility is looking into wholesalers of wedding gowns which can offer designer gowns for less.

    Choose blooming flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. Request the florist to provide potted flowering plants to use as aisle decorations and the tables as centrepieces. They will be a lot less expensive than fresh arrangements and look just as beautiful.

    Have someone program all of your favorite songs onto a CD and just rent a simple sound system to plug it into. Often, you can find a technical friend who will be willing to control the tunes during the reception.

    Budget your honeymoon well and look for all inclusive packages, In Canada such as a cruise out of Vancouver or resort in Whistler or Nova Scotia. If you reside on either coast, take a trip to the opposite portion of the country. There are endless possibilities for a honeymoon in Canada.

    Story by Veronica Shine

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