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Negotiate With Wedding Vendors Like a Pro

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If you're not a trained negotiator - and most of us aren't - you can still get all the things you want and do not go over your wedding budget. That's right -- you can get a bargain. You just need to learn how to negotiate with wedding vendors. By doing this, you can save hundreds -- if not thousands of dollars -- on the overall cost of your wedding.

If you're not sure how to negotiate with the hired pros that are integral to orchestrating your wedding day, here are 5 bargaining tips that can be applied to your dealings with vendors:

  1. Contact at least five vendors to get basic wedding information, such as cost per hour, optional expenses and prices for the rental of certain items, over the telephone without disclosing your identity. ( Easiest way: use the directory and then make a quote request using our WeddingRequestTM service - Ed.)
  2. After your "cold-calls", narrow your choices to a top five list of vendors.
  3. Plan in-person meetings where you can ask more detailed questions, see facilities and use your instinct about whether they'd be a good fit for you on your wedding day.

    Now, compare prices quoted to you in these meetings. Without naming names, tell each vendor your last bid minus 20%. Then ask if they'll meet you somewhere between those numbers.

    When the vendor of choice comes to a monetary figure that look good in your budget, continue the negotiations in a pleasant, non-threatening manner.

Story by Tracey Porpora

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