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Photo Gadget No Bride Should Live Without

Posted At : August 19, 2008 4:19 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 2,985
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Go on, admit it, you've been photographing yourself in your bridal getup, practicing for your wedding day photos. It's nothing to be ashamed of! However, if you had the QuickPod, you could easily avoid those awkward orang-utan arms, and you could kiss that infamous double chin goodbye that so easily give away any self-taken portrait.

Brides, you can thank your lucky stars that someone came up with the QuickPod, an ingenious innovation designed for people - like wedding jittery couples -- who know the importance of documenting every memory, even when you're alone.

Yes, it sounds a bit silly at first, but read on and you'll wonder how you ever survived without one.

The hand-held gadget is a must have for every bride and groom, from the engagement phase to life thereafter...and especially for the honeymoon! The QuickPod is much more convenient than setting up a tripod, and easily fits in your purse or his backpack.

Regardless if you're going on a relaxing Mediterranean cruise, an adventure packed excursion through the Amazon, or a romantic RV trip across Canada, you're going to want shots with your honey, not just of him, and this is the easiest, most flattering way.

You can't always guarantee someone will be around to snap the shot... and sometimes, you're going to seek that privacy for a reason. After all, every newly wed couple needs a few naughty wedding photos, and with a digital camera and the QuickPod, it's never been easier!

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