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A Wedding in Space!

Posted At : July 29, 2008 10:42 AM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 4,011
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OK, this has to be the ultimate destination wedding!

Japanese company First Advantage, is now accepting applications for its "Space Wedding" service, to be offered in 2011.

The Space Wedding service offers a wedding in outer space about 100 kilometers above the Earth's surface. The couple will be taken up aboard the chartered Rocket Plane XP. The premium plan, including original wedding dress, wedding party on the ground, accommodation and transportation, and live broadcasting on original websites from space, will cost 240 million yen. (~ $2.2M)

According to First Advantage, two more guests can be invited in addition to the couple, a pilot and a priest. The flight will be about one-hour long, and a four-day training period will be necessary.

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