Editorial Features

Looking for smart ways to promote your wedding product/service?

You should defintely consider an editorial feature in our News & Ideas section.

"Our sales are up 120% this year for the same time period - and we are in a recession! Yes increase of 120%!
I am a happy Bridal network customer!"..

~ Linda, after being featured in this article.

Why editorial features?

  • Because the brides like them: someone else has already done the reasearch, allowing the bride to focus on a few pre-qualified options.
  • Features work better than straight advertising: a featured businesses is effectively endorsed and recommended by bride.ca
  • Increased traffic: exposure is much higher in a prominent editorial feature than among a general grouping of ads.

Some Standard Feature Formats

click for example"Best-of" Market Guide:
Feature your business in one of our recommended "top" services market-guides in a particular region / category.

[ example ]

click for exampleIndividual Promotion:
Showcase your product/service in a dedicated editorial review.

[ example ]

click for exampleExpert Advice:
Establish yourself as an expert in your field, by providing our brides with much needed advice and the benefit of your experience.

[ example ]

Duration, Tracking, Cost & Recommendations

Q: How Long will the Story Run?
A: Indefinitely, actually. Once something is featured, it stays featured. There is no reason to remove the story from our site - unless you specifically request it, because your product has changed, etc.

Q: Can I Track the Performance of the Feature?
A: Yes! bride.ca is "powered" by Bridal Network's smart tracking engine. The system tracks & reports how many times your feature link is clicked - you can log in and review your reports or wait for our monthly email.

Pricing etc.

The total cost of an editorial feature consists of:

  • Writer's fees: Standard $0.30 per word, optimally ~$75 in total
  • Ad Credits: Entirely up to you! Using the Bridal Network engine, you "pre-load" your story with a minimum number of readers.
  • Our Recommendation: A good starting point is 1,000 brides; large enough to produce significant results (bookings!) but small enough to be affordable. At our default referral cost of $0.10 per bride:

    1,000 brides = $200 in Ad Credits + $75 writer's fees = $275.

    You can adjust this figure to suit your particular needs or even forgo the pay-per-bride option altogether and have a story published for $75.
    But keep in mind that a web feature without an active link isn’t very effective!

Q: Will the Story be Removed when the Ad Credits are Spent?
A: No! The only thing that will happen is that the system will not forward the readers to your website anymore - rather, it will give them your address and phone number.. What you pay for is referrals to your website; everything else is free.
Of course, you can simply "refill" the story with another 1,000 readers, etc.

More Questions?

If any of the above information was less than perfectly clear, or if you are unfamiliar with the Bridal Network engine in general, by all means,

  • e-mail us with your questions, or
  • contact us toll-free at 877-437-7755.

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The Editorial Effect
Before & After
Feature referrals growth

Referral growth after publication of an editorial feature. (Actual vendor from this article, published on Feb 20th)


".. some feedback on your site ... IT'S GREAT!!!

I love the Wedding Ideas section, I've come across many things that are really helpful. It's an easy site to navigate, and it looks appealing too.

You've done an amazing service to brides everywhere with this site. I'll recommend it to any woman I know that is planning a wedding.

Thanks for sending me to your site!!!